Matriarca Mística

This was an individual project done at Universidad de Medellín. The task was to design a deck of 22 tarot cards, packaging, and a poster, choosing a theme that had to do with the Colombian culture.

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For my project, I chose to showcase the diversity of Colombian women and at the same time integrate key symbols from the tarot cards. The aim was to highlight the unique characteristics of each tarot card while celebrating the beauty and strength of Colombian women. I named the project “Matriarca Mística”, which is a Spanish phrase that translates to “Mystical matriarch”. “Matriarca” refers to a female leader or head of a family or group, while “mistica” means mystical or related to mysticism, which is the pursuit of an intimate experience of union with the divine or ultimate reality. So, “Matriarca Mística” can be interpreted as a powerful and mystical female figure who leads and inspires others.


Tools & Competencies

Graphic Design – Illustrator – Photoshop


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branding carnets
branding carnets