Content Design

Done during my internship at Seasony.

On this page you will find a selection of graphic designs I did for Seasony, that were to be used online. The designs are made in Adobe Illustrator and Figma.

app design

GOAL: To create digital content that was visually appealing and matched the company brand.

LEARNINGS: I gained experience in incorporating feedback and suggestions while maintaining brand integrity. I learned about adapting designs to specific platforms, content messaging, and adhering to brand consistency. 

LinkedIn Job Post

Ad-hoc LinkedIn job post templates
My role: Design in Illustrator

LinkedIn Templates

LinkedIn post templates
My role: Creating design in Figma.

Whitepaper – Digital

My role: Whitepaper in a digital version for presentation, to be shared on LinkedIn. 

See online version

LinkedIn post

Content to be shared on LinkedIn
My role
: Creating engaging content promoting the digital whitepaper