Jolly Café

This was a group project done at Universidad de Medellín. The task was to come up with a monogram for a fictive company and create a design system around it. My role in this project was to make the design systems and the mock-ups and landing page shown here.

Branding webdesign ux ui


The assignment was done for the class “Typography”. Firstly, we had to sketch 150 monograms, combining our initials in different ways. Then, one monogram was selected, which needed to be refined. With that and our brand idea, we began to create the design system. We chose to use geometric shapes and earthy colors, to give the brand an organic and rustic feel. Lastly, we created the mock-ups and printed the products we needed for the presentation.

Tools & Competencies

Graphic Design – Typography – Photoshop – Illustrator 

cup design
cup design
bag design
cup design
coffee mug design
coffee bag design
coffee bag backside

*The coffee photo used in the web design is by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash