Copenhagen Cartel

This was a group project done in the second semester at KEA. We were given a client case from Copenhagen Cartel to present a solution that targets the age group: 18-25. The solution should contain a website, social media content, and a campaign video

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How might we appeal to the younger target audience through the content created, without compromising through creating educating content Aligned with the digital content of the brand identity?

The Client

Copenhagen Cartel is selling sustainably made swimwear and activewear made from old fishing nets roaming around in our oceans collected by Healthy Seas, which contributes to cleaning up the ocean at the same time. For every purchase, a sea turtle is saved – that is their motto.

The target audience as of now, that the client is appealing to is 25-45, but the client wishes to expand the target to include 18-25-year-olds as well. They have created a new brand identity which should aim to attract a broader following, including younger age groups and male audiences.


We combined our findings on our target audience to design a campaign accompanied by videos that together formed a calling for ambassadors. We had found that the target audience valued being part of a community and despite the Copenhagen cartel already hosting some events, we felt strengthening this connection would be ideal. First of all, we wanted the viewers to be engaged right off the bat, stay interested throughout and then be redirected to our website at the end. As mentioned earlier, a key requirement for our group was that it didn’t guilt trip the viewers, which is quite easy when talking about the state of the ocean. Our idea revolved around imagining the life of sea turtles, in the sense of all the plastic around them. This idea came from the already apparent attachment to sea turtles that both Copenhagen cartels Instagram and also just the narrative of saving the ocean already has.


Looking back at our problem formulation and our ideation process, there are multiple ways of targeting a younger audience. Viewing the target audience as just an age group and combining it with our research and ideation process it became clear that the target audience feels the need of being a part of a community that evolves around inclusiveness, engagement and transparency.We, therefore, felt that going down the community-building route would be the optimal method. Thus, we created a campaign video and website that reflects upon the reality of the pollution in our oceans and how it is affecting the life below water – especially sea turtles. By doing so, we appeal to the young target audience that wishes to support slow fashion while cleaning up the oceans.

Tools & Competencies

Figma – Adobe Illustrator – UX research – UI design – Project Management – Web development – Content creation – Pitch – Design Documentation – Visual Identity – Web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON)

Methods used: Qualitative interview, Customer journey, WHY statements, Maslow’s pyramid of needs

The final solution was built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The database was created in WordPress using the pods plugin, and fetching the data with JSON.